Year 2017

  1. Training Seminar on AEOI under CRS  framework

Organizer: HK Institute of Bankers

Date: 6th May 2017 [Handout-1] [Handout-2] [Handout-3] [Flyer] 

Year 2015

  1. Training Seminar on International Taxation 

Organizer: Taxation Institute of Hong Kong

Date: 22nd April 2015 [Handout-1] [Handout-2] [Flyer

Year 2014

  1. Training Seminar for Local Tax Officials of Gui Zhou Province, China

Topic 1: International Taxation - Part 1 (Chinese)

Topic 2: International Taxation - Part 2 (Chinese)

Organizer: Hong Kong Financial Services Institute

Venue: HK Teaching Center of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

Date: 19th November 2014 [Handout - Topic 1] [Handout - Topic 2] 

Year 2013

  1. Training Seminar for Local Tax Officials of Gui Zhou Province, China
    Topic 1: Comparing PRC and HK Companies Law (Chinese)
    Topic 2: Introduction to International Taxation (Chinese)
    Organizer: Hong Kong Financial Services Institute
    Venue: HK Teaching Center of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics
    Date: 12th November 2013 [Handout - Topic 1] [Handout - Topic 2]

Year 2012

  1. Seminar: Company Law and Tax for Doing Business in China
    Organizer: Bridge Knowle Events (M) Sdn Bhd
    Venue: Seri Pacific Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    Day 1 (16th July 2012): [Handout 11] [12]  [13]  [14]  [15]  [16]  [17]
    Day 2 (17th July 2012): [Handout 21] [22]  [23]  [24]  [25]  [26]  [27]

Year 2011

  1. Seminars for trade fair visitors to Hong Kong Trade Development Council
    Topic 1: 進出口商品關稅有關規定 Regulations on Foreign Trade & Customs Duty in China
    Topic 2: 進口商品(設備)減免稅有關規定 Legal rules on importation of tax exempt equipment
    Organizer: Hong Kong TDC Gift and Premium Fair
    Venue: Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Center Meeting Room
    Date: 29th April 2011 [Handout 1] [Handout 2]

Year 2010

  1. Teaching Seminars for Technical Officials of the Shenzhen Tax Bureau, China
    Topic 1: 離岸公司功能與運作 Law & Practices of Offshore Companies
    Topic 2: 香港公司專題介紹 Introduction to HK Companies
    Topic 3: 世界各國稅收制度介紹 Brief Introduction to Taxation Systems around the World
    Topic 4: 香港國際貿易徵稅問題 Tax Issues on Hong Kong Cross-border Trade Transactions
    Topic 5: 對華投資收益徵稅比較 Taxation on Dividend Income from FDI in China
    Organizer: HK Financial Service Institute
    Venue: HK Teaching Center of Shanghai University of Finance & Economics
    Date: 29th to 30th December 2010 [Handout 1] [Handout 2] [Handout 3] [Handout 4] [Handout 5]

Year 2009

  1. Topic: 中國個人所得稅務 PRC Individual Income Tax (Cantonese)
    Organizer: MassMutual Asia Limited
    Date: 7th September 2009 [Handout]
  2. Topic 1: 香港反洗錢法規與實踐 Anti-Money Laundering in HK
    Topic 2: 香港與內地稅制比較 Comparison between HK & China Tax
    Both talks were conducted in Mandarin
    Organizer: The Hong Kong Institute of Bankers
    Date: 21st August 2009 [Details] [Handout1] [Handout2] [Handout3] [Handout4]

Year 2008

  1. Topic: Annual Tax & Accounting Seminar 2008 (Chinese)
    Organizer: Shenzhen Followmission International Professional Services Limited
    Date: 18th December 2008 [Details] [Handout1] [Handout2]
  2. Topic: Auditing in Hong Kong (Chinese)
    Organizer: Hong Kong Financial Services Institute
    Date: 11th November 2008 [Details] [Handout]
  3. Topic: 來料加工轉獨資的程序及注意事項(包括2008年外貿、稅務及海關規定)
    Organizer: Tradelink Electronic Commerce Limited
    Date: 31st July 2008 [Details] [Handout1] [Handout2] [Handout3] [Handout4] 
  4. Topic: China Tax Reform and Transfer Pricing 2008
    Organizer: Asia Business Forum AG
    Date: 25th - 26th June 2008[Details] [Handout1] 
  5. Topic: 企業所得稅法及其實施條例對在內地營商的稅負影響
    Organizer: Hong Kong China Enterprises Association
    Date: 27th February 2008 [Details] [Handout1] [Handout2] 

Year 2007

  1. Topic: 中華人民共和國企業所得稅法
    Organizer: The Chinese General Chamber of Commerce
    Date: 5th December 2007 [Details] [Handout] 
    [Audio Clip Part 1]  [Audio Clip Part 2]  [Audio Clip Part 3]  [Audio Clip Part 4]
  2. Topic: 2008 PRC Enterprise Income Tax Law
    Organizer: Hong Kong Science and Technology Park
    Date: 20th November 2007 [Details]
  3. Topic: 2007 PRC Accounting Standards
    Organizer: ConventionPro International
    Date: 14th August 2007, Singapore [Details]
    Date: 16th August 2007, Kuala Lumpar [Handout 1] [Handout 2]
  4. Topic: Chinese Beauty Market
    Organizer: Business Media China AG
    Date: 30th January 2007 [Details] [Handout 1] [Handout 2]

Year 2006

  1. Topic: Understaing China VAT
    Organizer: ConventionPro International
    Date: 6th September 2006, Singapore [Details]
    Date: 8th September 2006, Kuala Lumpar [Details] [Handout]
  2. Topic: China Tax Planning & Compliance
    Organizer: ConventionPro International
    Date: 5th September 2006, Singapore [Details]
    Date: 7th September 2006, Kuala Lumpar [Details] [Handout]
  3. Topic: 2006 China Tax Planning
    Organizer: General Business Intelligence
    Date: 17th-18th August 2006, Beijing [Details] [Handout]
  4. Topic: China Tax & Transfer Pricing
    Organizer: The Asia Business Forum
    Date: 14-15th August 2006, Singapore [Details] [Handout]
  5. Topic: 大中華營商之稅法
    Organizer: Gain Miles Group
    Date: 8th August 2006, Hong Kong [Details] [Handout]
  6. Topic: Lowering Your Company's (Looming VAT: Rules You Need to Know and Understand
    Organizer: The British Chamber of Commerce Guangdong
    Date: 18th May 2006, Guangzhou and Shenzhen [Details] [Handout]

Year 2005

  1. Topic: PRC VAT Rules and Planning
    Organizer: Business Information Asia
    Date: 31st August 2005, Hong Kong [Details]
  2. Topic: Legal & Tax Aspects of M & A in China
    Organizer: The Asia Business Forun
    Date: 28th July 2005, Singapore [Details]
  3. Topic: PRC Company Law, Accounting, Taxation, and Customs Rules
    Co-organizer: Hong Kong Logistics Association
    Date: 27th June 2005, Hong Kong [Details]

Year 2004

  1. Topic: Effective Profit Repatriation and Foreign Exchange Issues
    Organizer: Business Information Asia
    Date: 23rd July 2004, Singapore [Details]
  2. Topic: Value Added Tax & Planning and Tax Compliance
    Organizer: The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, Hong Kong
    Date: 11th December 2004, Hong Kong [Details]