Legal Authority :

  1. Legal documents for China's accession to WTO
  2. The PRC Foreign Trade Law
  3. Guide of Industry Category for Foreign Investment

Foreign Investment : 
The Guide of Industry Category for Foreign Investment issued by the State Council on 2002 divides foreign investment projects into 4 categories: 

  1. Encouraged category
  2. Restricted category
  3. Prohibited category
  4. Permitted category.
       Investment projects under the permitted category are not specifically listed. Investment projects other than as listed as encouraged, restricted and prohibited categories, will fall under the permitted category.

Trade in goods: [Details]

  1. Legal regulations and rules
  2. Prohibited category
  3. Restricted category
  4. Freely traded category
  5. Electrical and electronic products
  6. Products subject to tariff quota
  7. Products subject to designated trading
  8. State trading goods
  9. Commodity inspections & quarantine
  10. China Compulsory Certification
  11. Quarantine on animals and plants
  12. Import & export licensing for specific goods
  13. Registration of foreign traders
  14. Foreign exchange verifications
  15. Customs protection of IP rights
  16. Customs supervisions

Trade in services:

  1. Wholesale and retail distribution sectors
    • Legal rules
    • Wholesale and retail business opportunity in China
  2. Other sectors
  3. Trade related IP