Corporate Income Tax






China is both a residence jurisdiction and a source jurisdiction. Corporations (companies and enterprises) set up in China or managed in China are tax residents, and they are subject to tax on worldwide income. Foreign corporattions (companies and enterprises) are non-tax residents. They are subject to income tax on China-source income.


Income Tax For Resident and Non-resident Enterprises


Non-resident companies are divided into two categories: non-resident companies that have set up a permanent establishment in China; non-resident companies that do not have a permanent establishment, but they derive China-source income from within China.


Regarding the tax on resident and non-resident companies, please read [Read].



Legal Texts

  •         Income Tax For Foreign Investment Enterprises and Foreign Enterprises (repealed on 31st December 2007) [Read]
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  •         Tax Incentive Provisions of the PRC Enterprise Income Tax Law and the Implementation Regulations [Read]




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